Fiesty's SmokeShack
160 Greene 721 Rd Paragould, Arkansas 72450
(870) 240-8809


We LOVE our meats here at Fiesty's Smokeshack. We are a full-service butcher and meat processing shop that offers excellent quality products to each and every customer.

From deer season to your favorite pork products, we do it all. Pricing for meat processing and the Smokeshack varies, so call to inquire about current specials and prices. Or check out Fiesty B's Restaurant for the same outstanding service in our premier dining establishment.

Thanks for choosing Fiesty B's. We'll see you soon!

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We're PROUD of our meats. As a full-service butcher and meat shop, we offer only the best local products. From gourmet burgers to cut-to-order steaks... We have it all.

We often carry new flavors, and are constantly experimenting with different techniques and spice combinations to deliver something that is as unique as Fiesty's Smokeshack!

If you want to stay updated on our latest flavors, pricing, and specials going on at the Smokeshack, follow our Facebook and give us a shout-out! We love to hear from our customers, and can't wait to see what we can make for you and yours.

(It's A BIG Deal...)

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(It's A BIG Deal...)

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The easiest way to stay in the loop, get updates on latest flavors, and see pics of the best kills of the season is to follow us on Facebook. We want to keep in touch, so you know exactly what's going on at Fiesty's!